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Brain Health Breakthrough

Thank you for being part of our practice and we hope you benefit and learn from the content we will be sharing.  As always, our focus is on our patient's health, happiness, and personal growth.  We have been using EHT for 3 years at Chambul Wellness.  We have used EHT on patients from age 5-90 for all types of brain disorders and the results have been so life altering we felt compelled to share a few of our results.  Following are just 3 happy stories.

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Caroline is a 65 year old who wrote the following - 

"I am a 65 year young self-employed female, that is why I'm taking my youth factor and EHT.  I underestimated the effect EHT had on me, but within a short time of not taking it, I quickly realized that I really don't function at my optimum best and feel foggy without it.  For example, I find that I often walk into a room and have to retrace my steps to collect my memory.  When I diligently take EHT on a daily basis, I feel much more optimistic toward life in general, concentrated with my attention to detail in my work much easier to navigate.  I really believe that I function more effectively with a clearer mind, have more energy, feel way less stress, and more organized.  I notice I have a much more positive outlook on my daily life and not so worried about the future."


- Caroline


Austin is a 13 year old with ADHD diagnosis, his mother reported the following -
"Austin was diagnosed with ADHD in the 4th grade.  He was given a controlled substance to deal with his behavior and attention for 9 months.  At the beginning of 6th grade Denise, from Chambul Wellness, shared EHT with us and I started him immediately just taking 1 tablet daily along with his drug.  One month into the 6th grade school year, I removed the drug and there was absolutely no change in his behavior and attention.  Austin tested on standardized testing above standard with just EHT now he is a happy, fun loving, 13 year old man."


This is my story, Denise Chambul -
"After menopause, I noticed a significant decline in my cognitive ability.  Many of you know the intensity and demanding work I do.  I was struggling with focus, finding my keys, forgetting things at the store, etc.  After taking EHT for 6 weeks, I thought, "I'm not sure it's doing anything," but then this happened.  It was summertime and I was taking Delaney and a group of friends skating.  While they were skating, I had told a patient 2 WEEKS PRIOR that I would come to their house.  I had written the address 2 weeks before and I recalled the address sitting in the parking lot at the skate center.  I was shocked and called the office to confirm and I was completely accurate in my recall.  I was floored - as you can imagine.  Three years later, EHT has transformed my brain back to being 30.  I feel focused, together, and not forgetting anything.  Truly a gift from Dr. Stock's determination to find this molecule that repairs the brain.  I feel deep gratitude for his research and determination."


EHT was discovered after 20 years of research at Princeton University labs by Dr. Jeffery Stock.  I can honestly say EHT has been the most effective tool to repair the tau and neural pathways we have ever had in our 30 years in practice.  EHT is a molecule from coffee bean along with other supportive nutrients.  The cost is $80 for 30 tablets which is about $2.66 per day, and worth every cent.  Available at Chambul Wellness or you can order online www.chambul.nerium.com . It's never happened, but Nerium offers a 30 day money back guarantee.


To all that want to read the research documents, here is a link with more scientific infomation.



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Author: Denise Chambul
Source: http://mindenhancementsupplement.com/eht-research-papers-links-to-white-papers/
Copyright: Denise Chambul 2018

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